assessed today

Measure & recognize future fit. Both for current and new staff. Evaluate potential: data-driven and objective. Say bye to cv or IQ.

Brain-based assessment games platform
100% remote, bias-free & neuroscience-based

Talent screening

Online (pre-)selection

Turn your talent pool(s) from quantity into quality at the table. Without hassle. Bias-free & data-driven.

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Diversity in the workplace

(Pre-)select bias-free, embrace neuro-diversity & enrich your workforce on every front.

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Expand your talent pools

Every talent deserves a fair chance! Hire for potential & expand your candidate pool.

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Talent insights

Offer talent careers that fit

Find the right balance for brain & job. Match for future fit instead of past performance (cv).

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Develop your team(s)

Reduce stress & optimize productivity and job engagement based on brain profiling. For Individuals and teams.

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Future-proof your workforce

Use biological building blocks of natural talent to define future jobs, roles & skills bottom-up.

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Be sure you choose the right future-proof talent management approach like these companies do


Define for each position or role exactly what you are looking for using our Job Design Tool. Exchange those vague catch-all terms for concrete desired behavior.


Invite all candidates from outside or internal colleagues to play the online serious games. This way, you objectively determine everyone’s unique brain profile. 100% remote & bias-free.


Compare the brain scores that are relevant to your jobs in the online dashboard (or ATS). Determine which talent(s) has a future within your unique context.


Get to know the top matches personally and experience whether there is a click in addition to a match. Find your future fit!

This is what our clients say..

Clients who take their future and that of their talents serious, now opt for brain-based talent management.

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Sander Roege – KNVB Manager Performance & Development

“Humans are unique, multidisceplenary and complex creatures able to surprise themselves continuously. BrainsFirst delivers additional insights into the thinking, decision-making and acting of football player. By nature. This helps us to value a players’ talent and development more fairly.”

Stephanie van Heusden – ABN Amro Talent Acquisition Specialist

“Pre-assessment can be very time-consuming. Besides, it can be very hard to filter out biases. Working with BrainsFirst was fast and very important: we discovered both high and hidden potentials. Talents we normally wouldn’t have invited and picked.”

Jurrit Sanders – PSV Sports Scientist

“Talent is made of various elements. Our aim is to value all the elements in the right way. Brainsfirst’s data offers an extra puzzle piece to the complex talent puzzle itself.”

Tom Schuurmans – Deloitte Director Cyber Risk Services

“Some team members have switched role based on the assessment results. One of our ethical hackers found out his brain matches better with the requirements of a system defender. Now he changed job, he performs better and is happier and more engaged.”

Paul Brandenburg – AZ Hoofd Jeugdopleiding

“BrainsFirst identifies the core cognitive capabilities crucial for playing football. They enable us to pre-assess future potential of possible new players. Besides, we now are able to offer current Academy players an education which is even more tailor-made.”

Lennart Ruigrok – Booming Partner & E-commerce Specialist

“Especially in online marketing, it is very difficult to hire on study background. BrainsFirst enables you to separate the true talents by nature from those who only look like talented professionals by resume.”

Arne Hendriks – NeVoBo Embedded Scientist

“Data helps to filter out subjective biases indecision-making. The cognitive data of BrainsFirst is relevant in order to make the talent detection process more objective and better.”

Choose today’s tool for tomorrow’s top talents.

BrainsFirst is the result of 6 years of thorough neuroscience research
to reveal the biological building blocks of human performance.

More predictive.

What counts is whether a talent is a natural to perform in your job and work environment. Our data shows what makes someone smart and whether this is what you both need.


We provide simple metrics based on data, that help you to make better-informed talent decisions in no time.

More inclusive.

Bias-free and objective data, that’s what you need to select for what you are looking for rather than what you already have. This increases diversity and returns.

And, above alll: better.

Our valid, biological data leaves no room for noise, prejudices, fake answers, sum scores nor ‘gray areas’. Be fair to every talent and improve your HR approach by leaps and bounds.

Diversity on the workfloor

Are you curious how you can reduce the bias in your selection proces to
a minimum while keeping a close eye on the quality of hire?
Reach out to Ivar Schot for a chat about diversity on the workfloor.


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