Everyone is good at something, the question is in what?

Our gamified assessment is the perfect way to match brains with jobs. It can be used in a variaty of ways within your organisation. Using gaming technology allows you to shift to a data-driven way of working and make talent decisions with a reliable, innovative, scaleable and bias-free method.

Gamified Assessment

We all have natural talents. Some of us can concentrate really well and block out the sights and sounds we do not need. Others can retain and process large amounts of information at the same time. Our game-based assessment allows you to measure these skills in yourself, your team and your future hiring candidates.

Based on years of neuroscientific research and state-of-the-art data science, our assessments deliver valid and comparable results that help you make your talent decisions in an objective, data-driven & bias-free way.

The NeurOlympics

Our game-based assessment consists of 4 games that measure the cognitive skills of the way we think and act. With the NeurOlympics you give your candidates a playful, enjoyable and useful candidate experience

Measure the basic building blocks of cognition

Working Memory

How much information can you retain?

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How well can you stick to the plan?

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How far can you plan ahead?

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How well can you concentrate?

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The benefits of game-based assessment

Increase ROI and the efficiency of your hiring process

There are three ways we can quantify ROI in the selection process. These are the number of quality hires, the time to hire and hiring costs. Read here how using our game-based assessment help with all three.

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Hire bias-free and improve the diversity of your organisation

Get rid of selection biases in your hiring process and create a more inclusive environment in your organisation. Use individual differences to great effect and let different brains strengthen each other to improve productivity.

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Prevent burnouts and increase job happiness

Increase the retention of your employees by making sure they are on a career path that fits them well. Matching brains with jobs increases job happiness and productivity, making it the ultimate win-win.

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With the NeurOlympics games you playfully determine what you or your (future) employees are good at.

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Are you curious why game-based assessments can make a difference for your company too?

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Case study

Are you curious how we used game-based assessments to improve the recruitment process?

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What our customers say

Especially in online marketing, it is very difficult to hire on study background. BrainsFirst enables you to separate the true talents by nature from those who only look like talented professionals by resume.

Lennart Ruigrok
E-commerce Specialist

What our customers say

Data helps to filter out subjective biases indecision-making. The cognitive data of BrainsFirst is relevant in order to make the talent detection process more objective and better.

Arne Hendriks
Embedded Scientist, PSV

What our customers say

BrainsFirst identifies the core cognitive capabilities crucial for playing football. They enable us to pre-assess future potential of possible new players. Besides, we now are able to offer current Academy players an education which is even more tailor-made.

Paul Brandenburg
Hoofd Jeugdopleiding, AZ

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