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BrainsFirst lives and breathes talent. We value ​​creativity, independence and personal growth. Here you’ll get the chance to actually have an impact because rewriting the definition of Human Intelligence and Performance are is what drives us. We firmly believe that you can only thrive in an environment that matches your brain. As part of this, we value an open and horizontal corporate culture that encourages groundbreaking performance and leaves room for fun. Come join us to make every talent count!

What we offer

We believe the wellbeing of our team is the basis of our productivity and innovation.

  • Travel allowance, pension plan, laptop and more
  • Space and time for personal development
  • Educational and pleasant working environment with many interesting challenges
  • Unlimited coffee, tea, soft drinks and daily fruit and snacks
  • An open atmosphere where not we not only work hard, but have time for fun too
  • And of course drinks and fun team outings

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