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Traineeships are about finding and developing talent. BrainsFirst's game-based assessments are the perfect tool to help you with that. By providing insight into the brain, you find out what trainees are really good at and you can assess more objectively and above all better where they will come into their own.

Vind en ontwikkel het juiste talent dat past bij jullie traineeships

Traineeships offer their own opportunities and challenges for pre-selection and talent development. Young talent is scarce. And if you’re a bit unlucky, a high percentage of your trainees drop out. How do you find the right talents? And how do you keep it? BrainsFirst’s game-based assessments – also known as the NeurOlympics – can help you with this by looking at talent just a little differently.

Everyone is good at something, the question is in what

Everyone is good at something, but you want to know exactly what someone can do. Looking at resumes and education can help. But that way you mainly look at past glory. And as we all know, past performance is no guarantee for the future. CVs are not always very useful, especially for traineeships. The young group of candidates who want to become trainees does not have that much experience yet. That is precisely the idea behind a traineeship.

With the NeurOlympics you measure the building blocks of the future potential.

By looking at the brain, you not only measure what someone can already do, but what the potential is of a candidate. This allows you to better estimate what someone will be able to pick up quickly and you can see which candidates have the best chance of being successful in a traineeship.

Less selection bias with the NeurOlympics means more diversity

Bias, and thus discrimination against applicants, is often unintentional but has a negative effect on selection processes. The Neurolympics are bias-free by design. That means they are the perfect method to reduce bias in the selection process.

More than just a pre-selection tool

By providing insight into the brain, the NeurOlympics provide information that will be useful for a long time to come. Not only do you find out what someone is good at, you also get to grips with the stumbling blocks that a trainee may encounter. You can use that information for coaching and developing talent.

Proven Results

The NeurOlympics have already led to successes. Various organizations, from VGZ to the Municipality of Rotterdam and Building Heroes have used it for their traineeships. And with success. At Building Heroes, for example, it has led to fewer drop-outs in the training, a fairer chance for atypical talent and the trainees felt more at home in their final job. And not only that. Building Heroes and BrainsFirst have also won the DW Innovation in selection award with this method.

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