Match brains with jobs

Validate the skills your talents need to impress in their jobs. Hire for potential. Resumes do not work, our assessments do.

Brain-based assessment games platform
Data-driven, Objective, bias-free & neuroscience-based

Discover the right talents for your organisation

Finding the right talent is incredibly important, yet it is also tricky. Using resumes does not work due to their overreliance on past glory. Even worse, they introduce all kinds of unconscious biases. To recognize the right talent we need something more fundamental, an objective way of measuring talent that allows you to hire inclusively and bias-free.

The missing piece of the talent puzzle: the brain

By measuring natural skills in the brain, BrainsFirst helps you find the talent that will excel at their jobs. Every job offers a distinct challenge We offer tailor-made profiles that you can match precisely to the needs of your team and company.

How it works

Reap the benefits of brain-based hiring

Certainty in the hiring process

Find quality candidates without hassle. Bias-free & data-driven.

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Diversity in the workplace

Say goodbye to unconscious bias, embrace diversity & enrich your workforce on every front.

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Expand your talent pools

Every talent deserves a fair chance! Hire for potential & expand your candidate pool.

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What our customers say

Especially in online marketing, it is very difficult to hire on study background. BrainsFirst enables you to separate the true talents by nature from those who only look like talented professionals by resume.

Lennart Ruigrok
E-commerce Specialist

What our customers say

Data helps to filter out subjective biases indecision-making. The cognitive data of BrainsFirst is relevant in order to make the talent detection process more objective and better.

Arne Hendriks
Embedded Scientist, PSV

One tool for all your talent needs

Beyond Pre-Selection - Talent insights for your entire organisation

With our assessment games you're getting one tool that you can use for all your talent needs. Not only can you hire objectively and bias-free, you can reduce employee turnover, manage your teams and reduce stress in your organisation.

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Offer talent careers that fit

Employee turnover is a problem for any organisation. One of the major causes of turnover is dead end career paths. Find new oppertunities for your existing collegues and make sure the balance between brain and job is always right.

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Develop your team(s)

Measure the brain profiles of all your team members and discover all their strengths and weaknessess. Reduce stress, optimize productivity and job engagement based on your brain.

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Future-proof your workforce

Use the biological building blocks of talent to strategically manage your workforce. Discover gaps in your organisation. Design teams and roles that will perform from the bottom up.

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