Offer talent careers that fit

There is a reason why employee engagement & satisfaction is a major theme on the HR agenda. For both parties, a professional “match made in heaven” is the key to sustainable employability. However, a lifelong career with one employer seems like an oddity from the last century. In the ‘future of work’ supply and demand are subject to many factors. This requires a stable matching basis and a toolkit that not only knows how to measure current skills but also, and above all, future job potential in a valid and reliable way.

Discover the foundation of talent development

The talent that is present and the talent that is still wanted make up your organization’s most valuable asset. You want to offer them, now and in the future, a work environment that is tailored to their needs and constantly sufficiently challenging. That is the most future-proof. But how do you determine the quantity of development incentives that suit the individual? Insight into his or her unique set of cognitive competencies gives you an immediate overview of both the nature, level of the function, role and tasks that naturally fit the candidate.

Sustainable career advice: Measuring is knowing

What you are naturally good at, comes naturally to you. That was already the case at school. Some people are good at math, others at language or manual labour. The sooner you discover what type of work suits you best, the sooner you will become good at it and enjoy it. As an organization you have the responsibility to determine this natural fit for each employee as early as possible. If you know the core competencies of both your colleagues and the new ‘hires’, then you know the foundation of everyone’s suitable career path in your organization. Fact-based, future-proof & fair. You won’t get that done with a CV, IQ test or questionnaire.

The Brain as a career compass

Every talent is unique. Just like every brain. That’s a good thing. Make sure your HR toolkit is capable of accurately providing insight into those unique talents. Since the human brain is the most fundamental source of human performance, this is exactly where you’ll find the most reliable and pure information about what performance you can expect from someone. With the NeurOlympics assessment games you discover the biological building blocks that make future performance possible and what type of work is most likely to lead to success and enjoyment.

The brain as a career compass

Give sustainable career advice and offer Careers that fit

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