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Boosting your executive functions?

You might wonder if it is possible to improve your executive functions. Generally speaking, cognitive abilities improve until the age of 20 and decline after turning 40. Luckily, there may be some ways which might enable you to improve your executive functions. And this is not only relevant to land the job you want, but also for life at large. Especially inhibition, one of the core executive functions, is relevant in everyday life, in order for us to control our responses. Also, cognitive flexibility is highly relevant for any sort of problem-solving, something which is part of both work- and daily life.

Here are some things to keep in mind!

Mindfulness Practices Involving Movement

Mindfulness practices involving movement show great potential in improving executive functions. They involve redirecting focus toward the mind and the present moment, away from any distractions. Research suggests that mindfulness practices which involve movement, such as Chinese mind-body practices, taekwondo, or t’ai chi, may improve executive functions. One benefit they have quite certainly is with respect to stress reduction. Especially during work, stress is quite prominent. As stress negatively affects the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for the executive functions, the stress reduction due to mindfulness practice can positively contribute to an improvement in these functions.

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