Better ROI in the academy through adding brain data

Just outside Zaandam, in the village of Wijdewormer, is the football academy that has already been voted best in the Netherlands twice: that of AZ Alkmaar.

The AZ method is now regarded as leading in Europe. But how did they get there?
Among other things, by using brain data to estimate the potential of their youth players.

Scalable pre-selection

Adding brain data can predict actual performance. Through adding predictive talent data, Academies can increase their ROI because it allows them to make better talent decisions.

Concrete goals

More correct admissions and rejections by adding more reliable data. Better understanding of which building blocks contribute to predicting football performance

Emphasis on past & present to future performance by predicting future success in 1st team.

The eye openers

Modern top-level football places specific demands on the brain. One is naturally more capable of this than the other.

–> AZ is looking for technically, tactically, physically and mentally outstanding talents, who ALSO can meet these high cognitive requirements AZ’s academy started their cooperation with BrainsFirst in 2015.

BrainsFirst = Neuroscience

- Deeper measurement of core qualities on a biological level.

- Objective and reliable data.
- Performance predictive value.

Why Choose the NeurOlympics?

1. Longitudinal Study of 1000+ (Youth) Top Level Players → Potency Predictive ‘Football Brain’ Model.
2. Measuring brain profiles in players on 53 cognitive factors
3. Pre-selection based on match with the 7 most differentiating brain skills

Changes in the process and approach

- Look differently – other parameters – at talent
- As much objectivity as possible
- Add predictive analytics / data science
- Supplement talent profile with cognitive data

Results after 5 seasons

- Significant improvement in selection ratio.
- More self-trained players in A-selection.
- More minutes played by self-trained players in the starting team.
- Higher transfer balance Academy players.
- Higher identification between fans & ‘own’ players.
- Positive financial contribution Academy to club result.

Choose today’s tool to find
tomorrow’s talent.

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