Talent Mobility with BrainsFirst

The deepening module Talent Mobility with BrainsFirst teaches you everything you need to know and be able to help talents explore career opportunities that align with their unique talents and interests/preferences. This enables them to navigate more effectively toward professional success and greater job satisfaction.

During this one-day training, you delve deeper into the Talent Landscape using our archetypes. You explore the nuances within the quadrants, learn more about the specific underlying skills, and discover how these provide deeper insights into where someone can truly excel.

Using their Brain Profiles, you can guide talents toward the role/function/job where they can bring out the best in themselves and excel. With BrainsFirst as a compass, you provide direction to talents!

Language: Dutch
Location: MediArena 2, 114 BC Amsterdam
Times on location training: 10.00 – 18.00
Price: € 995,- excl. btw

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