BrainsFirst & SoccerLAB : Partners in Talent Identification

19 Jan, 2023 •

BrainsFirst & SoccerLAB : Partners in Talent Identification

SoccerLAB and BrainsFirst join forces to offer a unique combination of platforms to the sports world. Unprecedented possibilities in identifying and developing talents become available for both platforms’ customers.

Professional sports neither start nor stop when the athlete leaves the game arena. The search for marginal gains to improve performance is a key element for the whole industry. Whether it is a new hardware sensor or a new data stream, better data is key to making better well-founded decisions.

For years SoccerLAB has been working with its customers to provide a software platform to centralize, analyze, and visualize all relevant data for football clubs worldwide. Ranging from data from young talents to scout reports of the next superstar of the first team and everything in between.

With the BrainsFirst partnership, SoccerLAB adds an extra factor for customers to make better player profiles. With data coming from the cognitive assessment software of BrainsFirst, the 360° view of talent in SoccerLAB is extended with unique objective data. BrainsFirst is backed by 6 years of cutting-edge neuroscientific research to reveal human performance’s biological building blocks.

Crucial Part of the Puzzle

“In football, the assessment games of BrainsFirst have a proven track record“, says Eric Castien, founder of BrainsFirst. “The cognitive profile information of a player gives extra aid to decide on a player’s future. Combining this with the other objective & subjective data already available in SoccerLAB is giving customers more foundation to make decisions.

Unique Match of Products

“We are always looking for new integrations and are very happy with this new partnership. BrainsFirst has a unique offering to our customers and is introducing the increasingly important part of the cognitive profile into SoccerLAB.”, says Steven Belen, CEO van SoccerLAB. “With this partnership, we allow our customers to add an extra objective data layer regarding their biggest asset. The player.” Contact us or read more about BrainsFirst Sports solutions here.

Eric Castien – Founder