Match-maker between brain and job

Game-based assessments powered by neuroscience that help you find & develop the right talent. Bias-Free. Look for potential, say goodbye to mishires & say hello to the top performers of tomorrow, today.

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Why BrainsFirst?

Uncover top performers of tomorrow

Every job presents a specific challenge. By looking at the brain, we predict the candidates’ ability to thrive in your specific job. Don’t rely on resumes with their focus on past glory. Our brain-based assessments increase your quality of hires by 44%.

Pre-selection can be incredibly time-consuming and filled with biases. With BrainsFirst we both improved the efficiency of our hiring process and the quality of hiring.

Stephanie van Heusden


Hire inclusively & Bias-Free

Every talent deserves a fair chance. Our assessments are bias-free by design. That makes them the perfect tool to increase diversity and inclusion in your organization. Customers report an increase of diversity in hiring by 23%.

We were specifically looking to work with BrainsFirst to find ways to hire more inclusively and find more diverse talent.

Dorine van der Schalk

IMC Trading

Use facts, not gut feelings

Our assessments are based on objective data and not on self-reportage, opinions or feelings. Take advantage of years of neuroscientific research and the latest in data-science. With BrainsFirst, your HR department can make the shift towards a data-driven way of working.

"Every person is unique, multifaceted and complex. The data BrainsFirsts provides helps to show how someone thinks and behaves, giving reliable insight into their natural talents

Sander Roege


Offer a joyful talent experience

As the war for talent continues, it is important to offer your candidates a memorable experience. Our professional, gamified assessments are both fun and useful for your candidates, giving them the motivation to do their best and flourish.

"One of the most fun but also stimulating mental challenges I have had to face in a while. [They] also offer helpful tips on how to improve your productivity and enhance your strengths.

Inés Álvarez de Toledo


Winner of the 'best tooling' award at the 2021 recruitment tech awards.

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The brain: the essential piece of the talent puzzle

One tool for all your talent needs

Job design

Find the brains that fit your job best. Select candidates bias-free, increase your talentpool and improve your hiring process. With BrainsFirst you can do all of this with an efficient and scalable process.

Team design

Create a more inclusive environment for your team and improve productivity. Take advantage of individual difference, fill gaps in your team and let different brains strengthen each other.

Career design

Increase retention by allowing people to walk down the career path that fits them best. Find new possibilities that work for everyone. No more dead-end career paths or employees stuck in the wrong job.

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What our customers say

Especially in online marketing, it is very difficult to hire on study background. BrainsFirst enables you to separate the true talents by nature from those who only look like talented professionals by resume.

Lennart Ruigrok
E-commerce Specialist

What our customers say

Data helps to filter out subjective biases indecision-making. The cognitive data of BrainsFirst is relevant in order to make the talent detection process more objective and better.

Arne Hendriks
Embedded Scientist, PSV

What our customers say

BrainsFirst identifies the core cognitive capabilities crucial for playing football. They enable us to pre-assess future potential of possible new players. Besides, we now are able to offer current Academy players an education which is even more tailor-made.

Paul Brandenburg
Hoofd Jeugdopleiding, AZ

Based on years of neuroscientific research

Our brain based assessment games are the result of years of neuroscientific research into the basic building blocks of human performance. This allows us to measure the natural skills we all have, based on the natural talents of our brains. Our technology allows you to improve the HR and talent management of your organization and pivot towards a data-driven way of working. With our reliable and comparable data you always know what you’re measuring and why.

Reliable results, easily understood

Find out which candidates are perfect for your job. With our dashboard and reports you can quickly and easily see what your candidates’ skills are and in which context they would perform best.

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