The Science Behind

Learn more about the science behind our assessment and the reliability of your results.

Quality of the NeurOlympics

At BrainsFirst, we prioritize the quality and reliability of the NeurOlympics to provide you with an accurate assessment and enable a genuine job-brain match. We adhere to the highest standards of science and follow the guidelines set by the Dutch organization responsible for testing quality (COTAN). This commitment to quality is achieved through four key criteria.

Test Hygiene & Reliability

Criterion Validity

We strive for the games to be directly connected to real-world data. Your performance on the NeurOlympics should correspond to your actual performance in the workplace. This alignment guarantees that hiring decisions based on the assessment contribute to the desired efficiency of employees.

Construct Validity

To accurately measure the executive functions, such as attention and working memory, we ensure that the games have a strong connection to the constructs they claim to assess. This scientific validity ensures that decisions made based on the game results are objective and aligned with the way the brain functions.

Concurrent Validity

While the NeurOlympics provide a unique talent assessment approach, they are designed to relate to other tests that measure similar outcomes, such as IQ tests. This connection validates that different measures of brain functioning align with each other, enhancing the overall validity of the assessment. However, it’s important to note that maintaining test hygiene is crucial, particularly regarding concurrent validity and reliability.


To ensure consistency and accuracy, it is crucial that the NeurOlympics yield similar results with each administration. This ensures that the outcomes truly reflect your brain’s functioning, allowing for informed hiring decisions.

What is Test Hygiene?

Have you noticed different results when taking the NeurOlympics on separate occasions? Test hygiene likely played a role in those variations. Test hygiene refers to how the test, in this case, the NeurOlympics, is conducted. It encompasses factors like your effort, performance, following instructions, as well as external factors such as the test environment and the time of day you take the assessment. Test hygiene directly impacts your performance. Therefore, if you take the NeurOlympics multiple times and there are differences in test hygiene, the game results may differ. To ensure accurate assessments that reflect your abilities to the fullest, it’s crucial to maintain proper test hygiene. The easiest way to do so is by taking the games during your brain’s peak, ideally around 11 in the morning, in a quiet environment.

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