From games to results

So, you've completed the games and received your Brain Profile. But how do these games relate to your results?

What the games measure

Game 1: Collect

In the first game of the NeurOlympics, we focus on measuring working memory and related skills such as grouping, updating, imperturbability, and filtering. This game is built upon findings from various research studies, ensuring its effectiveness in assessing cognitive abilities.

Game 2: Activate

The game “Activate” is specifically designed to measure anticipation, spatial awareness, and stress resilience. It is custom-made with a primary focus on predicting performance in sports, making it a valuable tool for athletes and coaches alike.

Game 3: Connect

The third game in the NeurOlympics is called “Connect.” It aims to assess control by measuring reaction time, inhibition, and mental flexibility. This game is developed based on insights from various research studies, providing a reliable assessment of these important cognitive abilities.

Game 4: Synchronize

The fourth and final game in the NeurOlympics evaluates multiple aspects of attention, including complex reaction time, attention span, attentional shifting, and precise information processing. This game is built on the foundations of the Attention Network Task (ANT) and draws upon over 80 research studies to ensure its accuracy and validity.

From Games to Brain Profile

The games serve as a measurement of your cognitive ability, a fundamental aspect of various areas in life, including your professional career. Specifically, they assess different facets of executive functions, which empower you to regulate your behavior in everyday situations. The NeurOlympics employs a gamified approach to measure these functions, providing valuable insights into how your brain operates. Given that cognitive abilities tend to be relatively stable traits, your performance in the games, including your responses and response time, reflects the general functioning of your brain, even in work-related contexts.

The Brain Profile revolves around six steps in the Behavioral Cycle and the corresponding Natural Brain Preference you have for each of these steps. While the NeurOlympics measures executive functions that underpin these steps, there isn’t a direct one-to-one mapping between them. Instead, executive functions uniquely translate into your brain’s way of thinking, influencing your proficiency in these. By gaining awareness of your strengths and weaknesses in relation to executive functions, you can better understand your working style.

Ultimately, just as every brain is distinctive, so is every job. By comprehending how your brain functions, BrainsFirst can assist you in finding a job that aligns with your unique way of working. This alignment ensures a harmonious match between your cognitive abilities and the requirements of the job, leading to greater fulfillment and success in your career journey.

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