Remy Goudriaan

Account Manager Topsport & Business

In my daily life, I operate as a striker on the football field hunting for goals. Despite the name Remy and my position in the field, I’m a real team player. I get a lot of energy from solving problems and creating win-win situations, both in business and private.

Top Skill: Brainwise, my working memory is above average. This is my cognitive top skill. I can process a lot of information and therefore often make better decisions. This helps me a lot on the pitch, too. Always choosing the right position on the field is key.

I would like to look inside the brain of: I would be fascinating to take a look at the entrepreneurial brain of inventor Elon Musk. He continuously knows how to make a success of his innovative ideas. I am very curious which cognitive factors he scores high at. In sports, I would like to look in the brain of fellow striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic, because he is one of the best I’ve ever experienced. In addition, it is also a distinctive personality with a lot of self-confidence and many interesting statements.