Marieke Dresmé

Client Services Director

Motto? Getting Things Done. Oh, and getting things profitable, too. Likes innovation, loves business acceleration. Her background in consultancy helps to understand client needs and transforming nerdy ideas into valuable deliverables. Speaks the language of corporates and walks the start-up rhythm.
Field hockey-babe. Aims to combine a good result with an even better atmosphere.

Top skill: “Anticipation – Always searching for opportunities to be and think a couple of steps ahead.”

I would like to have a look inside the brain of: “I would love to do some brain-picking on the brains of Quentin Tarantino. As a director he connects all the dots to make the actual, quirky picture. For this he must be comical. And because he is a man, I’ve always wanted to see the planet Earth from Mars and I want a ‘Nothing Box’ too!”