Kas van ’t Veer

Front End Developer

I’m a tech lover who is always on the lookout for ways to improve stuff. Few things bring me more joy than coming up with neat and creative solutions to optimize things further. I graduated in both Computer Science and Cognitive Psychology, because I’ve found that improving technology is just as interesting as improving our understanding of the human mind.

Top SkillWorking memory. I can easily keep track of many related details at once and make presumptions about their implications on future issues. On the flip side, being immersed in all those details occasionally blinds me from things that are self-evident to everybody else.

I would like to look inside the brain of: Michael Greger, M.D. I highly admire his ability to accurately separate the essentials from the secondary matters. Yet, most of all I admire how he summarizes extremely large amounts of mundane scientific literature into a concise, didactic and engaging story that corresponds to real-life sitations, all the while keeping it very neatly scientific!