Ilja Sligte

Chief Scientific Officer

A die-hard scientist who wants to convert modern insights in brain & cognition into usable advice for education, professional sports, and business. Assistant Professor on a mission. Specialist in Working Memory and executive functions. Combines machine learning and common sense to transform raw data into valuable insights. Does not sleep before BrainsFirst has changed human assessment for the better of us all.

Top skill: “Working memory – I can hold ridiculous amounts of information in mind. Unfortunately, this process usually goes at the expense of speed.”

I would like to crawl into the brain of: “Elon Musk is my great hero. He is such a grand thinker that most people conceive him as being crazy, but I think that humanity will only progress if we think ridiculously big. So I completely agree with autonomous cars, life on Mars, and technology that enhances our body and mind.”