A Journey from the Brain to Practical Talent Solutions

Learn more about BrainsFirst, what we measure, and how this relates to matching the right brain with the right job.

The BrainsFirst certification ‘A Journey from the Brain to Practical Talent Solutions’, provides you with the skills necessary to utilize the assessments and their results to find the right brain for the right job.

To prepare for this certification you get access to our online microlearnings where you get more information about BrainsFirst, the assessment tool, what and how we measure, and what insights this provides. The in-person certification is spread over a 2-day in-person training program including theory on the assessment, information on how to read the results, interactive group discussions, and intervention for review & reflection on your practical assignment. This practical assignment takes place during a month/two months between the 2 in-person days. You get the opportunity to practice in real life within your organization and receive feedback.

After completing the ‘A Journey from the Brain to Practical Talent Solutions’ you are able to follow multiple deepening modules to expand your knowledge in specific topics.

Certification details

  • Language: Nederlands
  • Location: MediArena 2, 1114 BC Amsterdam
  • Length: 2 in-person days
  • Duration: 10.00 – 18.00 o’clock
  • Trainer(s): information soon to come
  • Price: €2995


Travel description

BrainsFirst is situated on the 5th floor of the MediArena building, conveniently located near public transportation options. We recommend utilizing public transport for your journey!

Within a 10-minute walk, you can reach Strantvliet metro station, where you can access Metro 54 running between Amsterdam Central Station and Gein, as well as Metro 50 running between Amsterdam-Zuid and Gein. If you prefer traveling by train, bus, or tram, both Bijlmer-Arena and Duivendrecht stations are approximately a 20-minute walk away.

For those opting to drive, there are several parking garages available in the vicinity. Because of limited parking at the MediArena building, we advise using other parking options:

  • 1. Parking ArenA P1/P2
  • 2. Parking Villa Arena P4 and P5
  • 3. P+R Transferium Arena (tip: after parking, use your OV chip cart to travel to Strandvliet metro station and scan your OV chip cart at the pay terminal - this way you will only pay a limited amount on parking)
  • 4. Parkeergarage Dome
  • 5. Parkeergarage ParkBee Bijlmerdreef

Please note that parking rates in Amsterdam are high (±24 euros for 8 hours) and availability may vary, so it is advisable to check in advance. Using navigation or mapping apps can assist in locating a parking garage conveniently.

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