The Neurolympics

Are you about to hire new employees? Or do you want to discover what makes you intelligent? With the NeurOlympics game-based assessment games you playfully determine what you or your (future) employees are good at.

How do the assessment games work?

Measuring relevant brain functions, that’s what the NeurOlympics is all about. The Neurolympics are developed by dedicated neuroscientists and professional game developers in accordance with the standards of Olympic sports experts and leading companies worldwide. 100% remote, honest, transparent and available to you.

Play the games!

The NeurOlympics consist out of 4 assessment games that each take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Each game measures different parts of our cognition, so after completing all of them we get a good overview of how our brains work. They are simple to use, playful and challenging. With the NeurOlympics you don't just learn about the natural talents of your candidates, you also offer them an enjoyable candidate experience.

Collect the relevant data

During gaming, we collect over 1500 data points. A very rich source of performance information, stemming from the human brain. The data set reveals a unique brain profile of the gamer. Each (work) activity, sport and/or level places specific demands on the brain. This is how you start to see what suits you. Discover relevant brain skills in your candidates, such as:

  • Information processing speed
  • Action speed
  • Accuracy
  • Mental flexibility
  • Attention & blocking
  • And more!

Check and compare scores

Valid selection decisions, less hassle. Save time, reduce bias, create more sustainable matches and make better talent decisions using the NeurOlympics platform. Across all jobs, sports, and more!

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