Benefits of Game-Based Assessments

With the NeurOlympics you validate the skills of your (future) employees. That way you know for certain a candidate is the right fit. Because the assessment is offered online, it is an ideal tool for talent selection. The candidate plays the games easily from home and the recruiter can see, based on the results, whether the capabilities of the candidate match the open position.

Benefit 1: Reliable & Innovative

Our online assessment games, the NeurOlympics, are more like a game than a test. However, the outcome of the assessment must of course be reliable. The games used in the NeurOlympics are based on widely used and often validated tests within (neuro)psychology. To make these valid cognitive measurement methods attractive, we have added a game layer. This makes the 4 games fun and innovative.

Benefit 2: Challanging & Motivating

Various competitive elements and motivational feedback ensured that participants found the NeurOlympics enjoyable. Candidates reported experiencing less stress when playing the NeurOlympics than when taking a normal assessment.

The four games are designed to become progressively more difficult and the candidate is pushed through instructions to do the best they can. Some of the tasks are built in such a way that they contain a ‘staircase’. This means that while playing the maximum capacity of the participant is determined and the test is adjusted to the level of the participants.

This way, the games remain challenging for every player and an extensive overview of someone’s cognitive abilities can be obtained in just 45 minutes. This way, the recruiter quickly gains insight into someone’s top performance, while the candidate plays a game at his or her own level.

Benefit 3: Simple & Flexible

Because the games are always online, anyone can easily take the test from home. This lowers the threshold for a candidate to apply. The only requirements for taking the online assessment are a stable internet connection and a quiet environment without distractions.

Because the test is so accessible, candidates have the flexibility to decide when to take the test. For example, are you a real morning person? Or are you not available during office hours? No problem at all. The test is always online and can be taken at any time of your choice. This way the life of the recruiter and candidate is made a lot easier.

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