What my new laptop and finding top talent have in common


Mike Keijser

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22 November 2019

After being together for five years, we decided to stop the relationship. It just didn’t work anymore. She makes me wait for hours with an update, makes the most unbearable noises, sometimes just stops, and now she suddenly started blowing at me out of nowhere. Signals showing that she was quite fed up with me too. My laptop, which has been going through life like craptop for the last few weeks, and I broke up.

Speed dating: my new laptop
In good spirits I step into one of the best known and largest electronics stores in search of a new crush. Speeddating starts right away. A long line with potential partners and one by one a short introduction, but what am I actually looking for? Core 2 Duo, core 2 Quad, Core i5, i7? I just want the best. I ask for an extra helpline. Eventually I went home with the most complete laptop with the latest specifications that match my wishes and a very content feeling.

A new lover, but something is missing
Once I arrived at home and unpacked my new lover, I only realize what improvements the specifications of my new love are going to have on my life. Yet, after a few minutes, some of the butterflies make way for a sense of emptiness. Although it is the best laptop available at the moment, something is still missing. The potential is there, but apart from the standard programs, there is really very little on it. “Shit, my ex still is more functional.” Without my programs like Photoshop, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and the many documents I have collected with my ex over the years, I don’t seem to be able to do my job anyway. All these new specifications are great, but without all the acquired skills and experiences my previous laptop had there is still some work to be done.

Nature vs Nurture
This reminded me of one of the oldest debates and psychology theories I remember from my student days. Namely, Nature vs. Nurture. What we do, who we are, and how we perform and behave is determined in particular by two factors. Namely, Nature: what we have received from our parents and Nurture: what we experienced on this earth during our time here. All the specifications of my new laptop are of course much better than those of my old one, but still I can do even better work with my slow staggering old laptop at the moment. Specifications can be seen as nature. In potential, my new laptop is many times better, only when buying it still misses the experiences and all the add-ons (nurture) of my old laptop.

Finding top talent
As someone who enters the field of talent identification in top football and human capital management, you can often see the Nature vs Nurture debate back in practice. In top sport they often talk about natural talent, but they also state that the number of playing hours determines whether someone becomes a topper or not. As with finding new employees, it is often the question where to exactly focus on. Do we look at the specifications and potential, or at the candidate’s experiences and what is currently expected of someone within the open position. With an eye on the future, the specifications (nature) are becoming increasingly important. Especially with starters, the specs are the most important. In terms of access to knowledge and basic programmes, school leavers are generally the same, the difference there is often in the nature, strength and details of the specifications. Of course, the nurture – in this case experience – remains important. For one function of course more than the other, but the balance between these two is ultimately the key to success.

What specifications are you actually looking for
Do you know which specifications you are looking for for your open features?
At BrainsFirst we make the specifications (nature) of candidates insightful at the most basic level, namely the brain. Like all processors in the laptop that determine the future potential, we look at the performance processors of the human being who find their origins in the brain. Is speed important, or accurate? Are you looking for analytical ability or an intuitive way of thinking? Together we determine which specifications are essential not only today but also tomorrow for your functions. Not only do you make sure you already have natural talent today, but also think about the future.

Relationship status: update
For those interested in the status of my current relationship: I’m all on cloud nine. She doesn’t make weird noises, don’t let me wait for even a second, and in terms of specs we’re made for each other. After artificially transferring all the experiences and knowledge of my ex to my new lover, love is stronger than ever before and there is definitely potential for years to come. We’re going to have a great time together!