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Eric Castien

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19 April 2019

Recognize the high & hidden potentials and spend your time on those who deserve it

Is this person the talent that I’m looking for, or does he only seem to be? This is the question that is raised by 61 percent of the recruiters in the Netherlands, without receiving a satisfactory answer. If you can’t see from the outside that someone is or will be capable of, you should take a look inside. Between the ears. What skills are essential for the strategy consultant function? Or even better, how does a good strategy consultant distinguish itself from the rest? The answer can be found in the brain.

BrainsFirst NeurOlympics: bias-free understanding of potential
The scientifically substantiated Brain-based Assessment Games of BrainsFirst, the NeurOlympics, allow you to measure the executive function cycle. Executive functions refer to a number of higher brain processes which are necessary to achieve certain behaviors and a specific way of acting. The executive function cycle consists of several of brain functions that everyone uses every day. Each person observes, thinks, decides, organizes and acts and does so with a certain workflow. The NeurOlympics measure the natural preference of your candidate for each of these brain skills. For example, one brain may prefer to act fast and make decisions in a practical way. While the other brain prefers to act precise and makes decisions in a considerate way. In addition, different jobs also require other qualities of its employees. Different skills are expected from a strategy consultant than, for example, from a lawyer. BrainsFirst provides insight into the unique set of brain skills, literally the biological ‘performance building blocks’ of a candidate and matches this with the required brain skills for the relevant function.

Enhance your talent pool without worries by looking for talent in a different way
The match between what a job demands on the brain and what someone can do naturally, largely determines the future success on the work floor. To be able to make this match, it is important to know what ‘performance building blocks’ a candidate must have for a particular function. BrainsFirst looks beyond IQ and CV and zooms in on the brain skills that are especially essential for a strategy consultant, for example. By means of the game data of your candidates and an extremely carefully compiled goal profile, BrainsFirst selects the best candidates for your company. This allows you to devote your valuable time to the right candidates.

This is what the brain of a succesful strategy consultant looks like
Based on research at several top leading consultancy offices, BrainsFirst has discovered that the classic IQ score is not the most important predictor to be successful as a strategy consultant. The composition of brain-skills has a much larger predictive value. Successful strategy consultants are distinguished in particular by being able to act quickly. Their brains are so composed that they are perceptive to multiple sources of information that require attention. They are intuitive so that they can quickly and decisively form opinions.

Looking for strategy consultancy talent of the future?
BrainsFirst helps you to distinguish the talents that are naturally top of the group from the ones that only appear to be good. We succeed in matching brain and job.