The same brain as my best friend!

Social networking
Nowadays, nothing is more important than maintaining your social networks. To facilitate the maintenance of friendships, all kinds of tools (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn) have been developed causing us to have ever expanding social networks. These tools can help us stay in touch with high quality social bonds (like close friends and family who live apart) but they are also changing the nature of our social systems (e.g., its more  superficial now). Some friendships are only be online and literally consist are based on facebook likes and posts; however, these types of websites have also contributed to our exponentially growing social networks. With the advent of social media, our definition of friendship has changed. But when can we really speak of a close friendship nowadays?

More than just the same hobby?
Often a close friendship is associated with sharing many similar superficial characteristics such as age, gender, general interests, hobbies, and etcetera. But are there not more processes that underlie quality friendships? For example, close friends typically interpret and respond to the world around them in the same way. Examining brain activity, psychologists at the University of Canada have investigated how experiencing the world around us relates to how close a friendship between two people is, with a very interesting outcome!

Their findings illustrated that closer friends share more similar brain activity than more distant friends. These results suggest that, in addition to sharing superficial characteristics with our close friends, our brains also respond similarly when experiencing the world around us. Our question is: “Would this finding also apply to good cooperation between colleagues in the workplace?” We think so!

More about this paper & BrainsFirst
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