The Pros of Online Assessment Games

Online Assessment Games
By just looking at the name it is quite obvious that “Online Assessment Games” are games that can be played online. Just like a paper assessment the online assessment measures the capacity of a candidate. Because the online assessment is available on the internet, it is the ideal instrument in talent acquisition. The candidate can easily play the games at home and the recruiter will get a good insight whether the capacities of the candidate match with the requirements of the vacancy. The online assessment is very easy to use for both parties, without losing any ground in reliability. Last but not least, since all data is stored online, real time calculations give and indication of how well a candidate performs compared to other candidates or how the results of a candidate matches with multiple different cognitive profiles.

Reliable & Refreshing
Our online assessment games, the NeurOlympics, are fun to play. Of course, fun should not interfere with the reliability of the results. The games we use in the NeurOlympics are based on frequently used and highly validated tests within the field of (neuro)psychology (click here to read more out how science based the NeurOlympics are). To make the games more attractive we put a game layer on top of these classic paradigms. This resulted in 4 games, measuring Working Memory, Anticipation, Control and Attention, that are all refreshing and fun to play.

Challenging & Motivating
Our games consist of multiple elements of competitive and motivating feedback, making sure the candidates are pushed towards their own limit and still feel good about their results.  Candidates reported that they felt less stressed after playing our online assessment than after participating in a normal assessment. To be able to achieve this, we build in a ‘staircase’ in some of the games. This means that while playing the level of the game is increased or decreased according to the results of the candidate. This way the games are challenging for every player and we get a very accurate overview of someone’s capacities in just 45 minutes.  This serves the interest of both the recruiter, by gaining a quick overview of the cognitive profile, and the candidate, by playing games at his/her own level.

Easy & Flexible
The games are always online and therefore easy to reach from whatever location. This lowers the threshold for the candidates to apply for the job. The only requirements for the online assessment is a good and stable internet connection and a quiet surrounding for the candidate. Because the test is so easy to reach, the candidates have the option to reach the test at whatever time and place they favor. Are you a morning or evening person? Or are you not available at office hours? No problem! The test is online 24/7 and can be completed at any time. The online assessment is an easy solution for recruitment and candidates.

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