The Benefits of Online Assessment Games


Eric Castien

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30 January 2018

Online Assessment Games
As the name already suggests, our online assessment games can be played online. Like the paper assessment, the online assessment makes statements about the candidate’s capacities. Because the assessment is offered online, it is an ideal instrument for talent selection. The candidate plays the games easily from home and the recruiter can see based on the results whether the capacities of the candidate fit the open position. This makes the online assessment very user-friendly for all parties, without sacrificing reliability.

Reliable & Innovative
Our online assessment games, the NeurOlympics, look more like a game than a test. However, the outcome of the assessment must of course be reliable. The games used in the NeurOlympics are based on frequently and often validated tests within the (neuro)psychology. In order to make these valid cognitive measuring methods attractive, we have cast a game layer over it. This makes the 4 games, which measure Working memory, Anticipation, Control and Attention, all innovative.

Challenging & Motivating
Various competitive elements and motivating feedback ensure that participants experience the NeurOlympics as pleasant. Candidates said to experience less stress when playing the NeurOlympics than when making a normal assessment. The four games have been developed in such a way that they become more difficult and the candidate is pushed through instructions to get the best out of themselves. Some of the tasks are built in a way that they contain a ‘ staircase ‘. This means that the participant’s maximum capacity is determined and the test is adjusted to the participant’s level. For example, the games remain challenging for each player and a comprehensive overview of one’s cognitive capacities can be obtained in just 45 minutes. This gives the recruiter a quick insight into one’s top performances, while the candidate plays a game at his own level.

Easy & Flexible
Because the games are always online, everyone can easily make the test from home. The threshold for a candidate to apply is thus reduced. The only requirements for creating the Online Assessment are a stable internet connection and a quiet environment without distractions. Because the test is so accessible, candidates have the flexibility to determine when they make the test. For example, are you a real morning person? Or are you not available during office hours? No problem. The test is always online and can be made at any time of the day, whenever is convenient for you. Thus, the life of the recruiter and candidate is made much easier.

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