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Insights in the brain key to success on the work floor

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Cool! A brain scan of one of our employees. However, a brain scan gives no insights in performance on the work floor. Nevertheless, the brain is key in becoming successful on the work floor. In 45 minutes you can already find out what your work-related brain skills are.

Our human performance finds its origin in the brain. However, there are about 7.5 billion different brains running around in this world. How can you make sure that you find that one brain that meets all your performance requirements?

Online Brain-based assessment games like the NeurOlympics offer the solution. With the NeurOlympics, it is possible to map the most essential brain qualities in 45 minutes and give insights in the brain in relation to the job. By matching the scores of your candidates with a carefully created target ‘brain’ profile, you assure yourself that at least the brain of your new employees fits perfectly with what is expected of the brain within the function.

Do you know what brain skills are required for your available jobs? Improve your recruitment approach and start matching brain and job today.