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Soccer players, hockey players, volleyball players & amp; tennis players at the highest level are, among other things, more game-intelligent than their less performing colleagues. After 6 years of scientific brain research, BrainsFirst has succeeded in translating the magic of game intelligence into a useful test tool that can be used for talent recognition.
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Play 4 brain games, measuring game intelligence objectively. Online. On a desktop, laptop or tablet.


See the strong & less powerful brain skills of all your (academy) players in a simple overview in PDF. And discover their future potential.


Check & compare game intelligence-scores in real-time. Adjusted for age and performance level.


Know in which players it makes sense – brainwise – to start or continue to invest. Include this metrics in the final talent decisions.

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Some of our clients

This is what clients say

Sander Roege – KNVB Manager Performance & Development

“Humans are unique, multidisceplenary and complex creatures able to surprise themselves continuously. BrainsFirst delivers additional insights into the thinking, decision-making and acting of football player. By nature. This helps us to value a players’ talent and development more fairly.”

Stephanie van Heusden – ABN Amro Talent Acquisition Specialist

“Pre-assessment can be very time-consuming. Besides, it can be very hard to filter out biases. Working with BrainsFirst was fast and very important: we discovered both high and hidden potentials. Talents we normally wouldn’t have invited and picked.”

Jurrit Sanders – PSV Sports Scientist

“Talent is made of various elements. Our aim is to value all the elements in the right way. Brainsfirst’s data offers an extra puzzle piece to the complex talent puzzle itself.”

Tom Schuurmans – Deloitte Director Cyber Risk Services

“Some team members have switched role based on the assessment results. One of our ethical hackers found out his brain matches better with the requirements of a system defender. Now he changed job, he performs better and is happier and more engaged.”

Our cases

AZ Alkmaar
AZ Alkmaar Talent recognition

Hoe BrainsFirst AZ helpt de beschikbare tijd en resources in de meest potentie rijke spelers te investeren

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Top 3 frequently asked questions

From what age can the games be used?

The games are used for talent recognition from the age of 10. The interpretation and predictive value of the scores differ for players up to 14.5 and players from 14.5 years.

Can we – as a club or association – use BrainsFirst for talent development?

BrainsFirst provides a talent identification tool and helps you determine if players have the brain potential to become a top player. We help clubs to invest primarily in the (potentially) best players.

Can you improve brain skills through gaming?

Previous research has shown that the effect of cognitive PC training is limited. You may be able to change “a 6” to “a 7”, but not to “a 8” or higher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choose today’s tool to recognize tomorrow’s winners

BrainsFirst is the result of 6 years of solid neuroscientific research to detect the biological building blocks of human performance.
Our roots lie in elite sports. We know small details can make significant difference.

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