Online Brain-based Assessment Platform

1. Play serious games


Measuring relevant brain functions laser sharp. That’s basically what NeurOlympics is all about. There is no shortcut to premium quality. Meeting the world-class assessment standards of Olympic sports experts and leading businesses worldwide. Developed by awarded neuroscientists and serious game developers. Honest, transparant & available for you.

  • 4 Assessment games
  • Based on neuroscientific tasks
  • Staircased levels
  • Evidence based
  • Desktop & tablet
  • Browser-friendly
  • 45 minutes

2. Set relevant data


While gaming we collect almost one thousand data points. A very rich source of performance information, finding its origins in the human brain. The data set uncovers the unique brain configuration of the gamer(s). Every job or level requires a specific data profile. Want to know yours?

  • 53 cognitive factors
  • 16 brain traits
  • 7 Brain Building blocks:
    • Brain Speed
    • Brain Capacity
    • Brain Flexibility
    • Brain Perceptiveness
    • Brain Grit
    • Attention skills
    • Stress resilience

3. Match brain profiles


It’s not about hi-scores. The match between the goal profile and the candidate’s cognitive profile is what really matters. More valid prediction, less hassle. The best match between cognitive supply & demand ensures optimal productivity and performance. For the better of both employee and employer.

  • Data-driven rankings
  • Targeted benchmarks
  • Relevant goal profiling
  • Index-scores
  • Dashboard access.
  • Give Back: Candidate report
  • Recruiter report

Curious about the games? Play the demo!



One test, seven billion unique brains 

Embrace unicity

Did you know that every human activity requires specific combinations of brain functions? So does every job. That’s why it is not surprising that all jobs do ask for an unique cognitive goal profile. Brain-based matching is the most advanced and reliable way to predict human performance. Candidates are matched in relation to set goal profiles. The match score shows the relatedness between cognitive demand & supply.

Understand differences

Every brain is looking for its own job fit. And vice versa. Someone might be an excellent option trader but a fail when working as a financial analyst. Cognitive differences are decisive. Building blocks like Brain Speed, Brain Capacity, Brain Grit, Brain Flexibility and Brain Perceptiveness are determining if someone is able to perform in a specific job and/or environment. Assessment is not a matter of yes or no:  the context within is key for hiring people fairly.

Two-way traffic

The cognitive profiles we use are both relevant for employer and employee:

Employer side– Foundation for job matchmaking

  • Match scores
  • Cognitive scores
  • Benchmark scores

Employee side – personal brain development

  • Cognitive scores
  • Cognitive Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Performance insights: How to improve & coping style

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