The end of the CV or not?


Eric Castien

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18 December 2018

Beginning of the data era within HR

The better your CV, the more likely you will qualify for the job. If you are not able to transfer your professional experiences and training in a formal way in your CV, then you are not fit for the job we offer. This line of thought is not of this time at all. Some even claim that the end is near for the CV, but is this right? How should the process be then?

Data driven assessment the solution for recruiting in the Netherlands
The CV goes from a leading role to a supporting role. Objective data will irrevocably take the first place within the recruitment process. The better your data, the more likely you will qualify for the job. In “the end of the CV” on (for HR professionals who want to know more) you read more about the substitute of the traditional CV and the new role that the CV will take in the recruitment process. Below are 5 reasons why the traditional use of the CV no longer fits into the current recruitment process.

Not the end of, but a new role for the CV.
The more relevant data you collect about one’s skills and personality, the better you can focus on the candidate who best fits the role and organization. Therefore, the CV will not disappear, but become part of a bigger whole. The information of the CV is certainly relevant in finding the best suitable candidate, but should not have any leading role. In the (near) future, an extensive package of objective and subjective information will ensure that both employee and recruiter will reap the benefits of this.

Are you ready to carry out objective data in your recruitment decisions?
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