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Team management

  • Brain-based team development
  • From small talk to concrete results
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important. We work more often in temporary, multidisciplinary teams on defined projects. Scrum and agile are here to stay and require flexibility. Research shows that teams that work agile are up to 25% more productive and up to 50% faster (QSM, 2012). 

A productive collaboration in a team requires that you know yourself and each other well. Besides that it’s important to be complementary and of added value for each other. That takes time. Unfortunately, we often lack this and sometimes have difficulty seeing the world from our colleagues’ perspectives. How we perceive, process information, decide, organize and act is ingrained and often unconscious. We then do not always have the ability to change natural preferences in ourselves and others. By learning about natural preferences and the behavior that goes with them, team members can work together better, more effectively and with more pleasure.

Brain-based team development 

BrainsFirst offers teams the key to better collaboration through insight into the brain and the naturally present, individual behavioral preferences of team members. We objectively map out their own way of working and how they differ from others. Think of this as a cognitive Team Blueprint. In just a few steps, our brain experts guide your team(s) through the process of discussion towards understanding and tools for concrete behavioral change. 

The effect: from small talk to concrete results

Chances are that your organization has also used an energetic inspiration session about team building or a team development questionnaire. At the moment it is often fun and motivating, but the cooperation rarely becomes more productive, smoother or more efficient. Do you really want to break through (in)visible and delaying patterns this time to take a big step forward together?  Then just talking about it is not enough. By making the building blocks of individual performance transparent, insight is gained into the core qualities of a team. The unique combination of differences and similarities makes your team one in a billion. To achieve even better team results, it’s all about leveraging, complementing and compensating for the qualities of team members. 

Double your team output: balance brains & jobs 

In team development, several questions fight for precedence: How do you put all team members in their power? On what basis do you determine what to add to an existing team? Which individuals make up the best teams? This starts with insight and leads to overview. Research by the University of Amsterdam shows that putting teams together on the basis of brain-based team insights can lead to a doubling of team output. 

Start today with team development based on each other’s natural preferences

A group of team members is made up of a group of unique brains. Once you get to know your own brain and that of your colleagues, you have taken the most important step towards improved team development. This is how you tackle team development at its natural source:

  • All team members take BrainsFirst’s brain-based assessment games – NeurOlympics – (45 minutes);
  • After that, a 1-on-1 session for each individual (15 minutes) with a certified BrainsFirst instructor, explaining cognitive skills and professional behavior that are naturally preferred/not preferred;
  • Together with our experts, you as the client determine the goals of the team development process.
  • In a Brains@Workshop (3 hours) similarities and differences among the team members are visualized and discussed;
  • Based on the brains present, practical tools are shared to work together more productively, faster and more enjoyably as a team.

In this way we help organizations to take an important step in the development of their team(s), mutual cooperation and ultimately the achievement of the company objectives.

Want to know more about an upgrade of your team development?

Are you curious how brain-based team insights can also help your team(s) reach the next level? Please contact Ivar Schot or download our twopager about our Team Insights Workshop.

Want to know more about upgrading
your team management?

Have you become curious about how brain-based team insights help your team
reach the next level? Then reach out to Ivar Schot or
download our two-pager about the Team Insights workshop.