Expand your talent pools

Expand your talent pools

  • Recognize latent talent
  • Broaden the number of talent pools
  • Invest in tomorrow’s talents today

It is not the shortage of talent, but the short-sighted view on talent that makes the future labor market so uncertain. The largest redistribution of talent since World War II demands a new way of looking at human performance. Especially at a time when AI dominates the debate you would do well to critically review your own definition of talent, the content of the jobs you offer, and your job descriptions. With BrainsFirst at their side, HR professionals are prepared for the future of work.

Hire for potential: how to recognize latent talent

Assessing talent based on a resume is becoming less effective as the nature and content of work has already changed drastically and will even be more different in the future. Hence, the rise of ‘hiring for skills’. If you are looking for someone, either internally or externally, it’s essential to take into consideration which skills are essential today but also in the future. This way you’ll be able to effectively match talent with your vacancies in the long term. If you are concerned with building a future-proof workforce, then you should choose ‘hiring for potential’. BrainsFirst enables you to ‘look under the hood’. With the brain-based talent assessment games – the NeurOlympics – you map out what someone’s brain building blocks are for performance, and in what context this talent can develop best. This is how you match brain & job with the future in mind! Future fit matters.

Get access to new and bigger talent pools

Uncertainty is the main reason for recruiters and hiring managers to include things like education (“at least HBO+”), work experience or age in job profiles. It takes guts to remove these attributes. Why would you consider it anyway? Only then will you give every talent a fair chance, increase diversity, decrease time to hire and reduce costs by staying away from overfished ponds. Also, as an employer you’ll have the opportunity to train the talent of the future yourself. Latent talent – also called atypical – is more often well motivated and willing to go the extra mile when given an unexpected opportunity. For most roles in the future, especially the right development potential is a necessary requirement for success. Choosing BrainsFirst is choosing to find undiscovered talent.

Invest in tomorrow’s talent today

Whether it’s about starters on the labor market or experienced professionals who you want to give the opportunity to re- or upskill: by making room for potential in both your recruitment process and internal mobility, you increase the chances of having a future-proof workforce.

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