HR Tech: No utopia but reality


Eric Castien

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15 January 2019

HR Tech Landscape 2019
All Dutch recruitment tools in one handy overview

Order in the chaos of HR tech. What are the latest tools in the field of recruitment and who should you turn to, to optimize the recruitment process? Recruitment tech has listed all Dutch providers for you. This way you can easily find the ideal tool to bring 2019 in the field of HR to a great success.

HR tech: From a future perspective to reality
In recent years, HR tech has become an increasingly more serious, more active, expanding, and mature branch. There are more already established companies in this branch than many HR professionals think. Active with recruitment sites, onboarding, CV screening, video recruitment, e-assessment and many more useful tools specifically designed to not only facilitate recruitment, but also to make the overall process more efficient and especially “more complete”.

Benefits for recruiter and candidate
Terms such as candidate experience, 21st century skills and artificial intelligence have made their appearance and are therefore the main points of application of many of these tools. In this way, you don’t have to figure out yourself where to search for your candidates online, companies such as Wonderkind do this in a jiffy. Eva, the online chatbot of Joboti, answers the most important questions of your candidates prior to a job application. And BrainsFirst matches brain and job so that not only the best people can be found for a particular vacancy, but employees also end up in the position that suits them best. After all, we all work best from our strengths. Tools that sound like a future dream are already available today.

Wondering if there are any useful tools for you?
Download here The Dutch Recruitment Tech landscape of 2019! Learn more about how BrainsFirst can help you find the best people for your jobs? Please contact Ivar Schot, he will gladly tell you more about this!