HiQ: The smart soccer player has the future


Eric Castien

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29 January 2019

How AZ uses game intelligence and cognition in the quest for the pros of the future.

Those who are not rich should be smart. Unlike Ajax and PSV, most clubs in the Eredivisie only have a small budget when it comes to attracting new players. As a result, not only the quality gap between the leading clubs and the rest is increasing, but the difference in budget is increasing as well. A smaller budget does not withhold AZ from entering the battle for the title. Not financially speaking with buying players, but right with the training of the pros of the future.

Educating your own players, matching modern soccer
-Paul Brandenburg, Head of youth education AZ

With a critical look at modern soccer, the youth training changed in 2012, and terms such as game intelligence and cognition made their debut on the Alkmaar sports fields. Curious about how AZ is securing their soccer future beginning at the youth? Read the article from HiQ Magazine: The smart soccer player has the future

Learn more about the cognitive test that AZ uses to chart the soccer brain? Contact Mike Keijser, he happily tells you more about this.