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McKinsey & Company is an organizational consulting firm that focuses on the strategic issues of organizations. In BrainsFirst they found a partner to revise their existing recruitment process in several parts. How? Read below how we helped McKinsey & Company.

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Increase ROI on your recruitment process & reduce bias

When McKinsey & Company realized in 2016 that their selection process could be more innovative, efficient, and most importantly, effective in attracting a-typical talent, they decided to engage BrainsFirst. The process was insufficiently inclusive and time consuming. As a result, the ROI (Return On Investment) on the recruitment process fell significantly.

Selection of typical top talent was already doing the company well. The gain should be in recognizing and therefore being able to attract a-typical top talent, which was unnecessarily rejected in the old process. Need for increasing objectivity, adding data-driven & insight into “the invisible” were key. Less noise and often unconscious biases, more informed talent decisions: that was the aim.

After contacting BrainsFirst, they quickly came up with an idea: pre-selection based on data could provide a solution.

EXIT: Labor-intensive recruitment methods full of bias

Before the collaboration started, it went like this: in the 1st phase (1000 applicants for one position – Strategy Consultant – in 3 months) the number of applicants was reduced to just under 200 candidates based on human screening.

An initial screening based on resume and thus full of bias. After this, the process became very labor intensive. The 200 remaining candidates were invited on location for a capacity test, followed by an initial 1-on-1 meeting and role-playing, from which 10 candidates eventually remained for the final round.

Reasons to change the old selection process:

✓ Expensive
✓ Labor intensive
✓ In-efficient
✓ Full of bias
✓ A-typical talent unnecessarily rejected

ENTER: a fair, effective & efficient recruitment process

Together with the stakeholders of McKinsey & Company, what makes a Strategy Consultant successful in the role was determined at the outset, apart from the container terms in the job description. This was done on the basis of game-based assessment data (NeurO|ympics) from colleagues and expert input (HR, hiring manager). In this way, the ideal brain profile of a Strategy Consultant was established.

When the vacancy was opened, it was decided to use the NeurOlympics games as the 1st step in the process of pre-screening candidates (1000 in 3 months). This way, everyone had a fair and objective chance, McKinsey did not have to spend any time on CV selection, and candidates could be objectively compared with each other. This left 52 suitable candidates based on their brain profile. In these final rounds, CV and motivation were examined and used as support rather than selection criteria. In the end, the last three rounds were completed with a quarter of the candidates from the old process, and brain profiles were used to ask more questions about concrete behavior, one of the most predictive factors of success in the workplace.

Results of the new selection process:

✓ 75% time savings
✓ €0.3 million savings
✓ A-typical talent included
✓ Bias reduced to minimum
✓ More high-performing candidates from the same funnel

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