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What makes you smart? That’s what the NeurOlympics test games are about. They challenge your brain to the max. Resulting in lots of human performance data. Telling you what your strongest performance pillars are, by nature.

This is how you assess future potential

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Thé game-based assessment: the NeurOlympics!

Game-based assessment games based on the brain

As the name suggests, our game-based assessment can be taken entirely online. Just like the paper assessment, the online assessment makes statements about the capabilities of the candidate. Because this assessment test based on serious games is offered online, it is an ideal scalable and flexible instrument for talent selection. The candidate can easily play the games from any location and, based on the results, the recruiter can see whether the naturally present capacities of the candidate match the vacant position. This makes the NeurOlympics very user-friendly for all parties, without compromising reliability or predictive quality. The main difference with traditional, more or less manipulable tests? We measure the core fundamentals of human performance: the brain.

Serious games: a reliable & innovative assessment tool

Our scientifically validated game-based assessment is more like a game than a test. While retaining valid results, neuro-scientific tasks from the healthcare sector have been “gamified”. Six years of thorough research – initially using fMRI & EEG – guarantee a robust test quality. By combining state-of-the-art neuroscience with game design, the individual games measure components such as Working Memory, Anticipation, Control and Attention. Each one is innovative in its approach, reliable in its outcome. And practically impossible to manipulate:

How to make game-based assessments challenging & motivating

Various competitive elements and motivating feedback ensure that participants find the NeurOlympics enjoyable. Candidates indicated that they experienced less stress when playing these assessment games than when taking a normal, more traditional intelligence or ability test. The 4 games are adaptive: they become increasingly difficult and the candidate is pushed to get the best out of him- or herself by means of instructions and feedback. Some of the tasks are built in such a way that they contain a ‘staircase’. This means that while playing, the maximum capacity of the participant is determined and the test is adjusted to the level of the participants. This way, the games remain challenging for every player and in just 45 minutes a very complete overview can be obtained of someone’s cognitive capacities. This way, the recruiter quickly gains insight into someone’s core qualities, while the candidate plays a game at his or her own level.

Scalable assessments are easy and flexible

Because the game-based assessment is always online, anyone can easily take the test from home. This lowers the threshold for a candidate to apply. The only requirements for taking the NeurOlympics are a stable internet connection and a quiet environment without distractions. Because the test is so accessible, candidates have the flexibility to decide for themselves when they take the test. For example, are you a real morning person? Or are you not available during office hours? No problem at all. The game-based assessment test is always online and can be taken at any time of your choice. This makes the life of both the recruiter and the candidate a lot easier.

Game-based assessment to create equal opportunities in the selection process

There are countless ways to try to remove bias from the selection process and give everyone a fair chance regardless of origin, gender or other characteristics. One of these ways is the use of inclusive, valid game-based assessments. Recently, gamification has been widely used in selection processes, with scientists and experts seeing a positive impact on reducing bias, especially in brain-based gaming. Brain-based assessment games are easy to play for everyone and do not require any other skills such as language skills, specific experience or education. Employers who use a game-based assessment such as the NeurOlympics and do not pre-select on the basis of a CV, for example, achieve the best results in terms of bias reduction.  Giving everyone a fair chance by looking at qualities and potential will increase diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace.

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The Neurolympics games: How it works..

Play the assessment games

Measuring relevant brain functions, that’s what the NeurOlympics is all about. The Neurolympics are developed by dedicated neuroscientists and professional game developers in accordance with the requirements of Olympic sports experts and leading companies worldwide. 100% remote, fair, transparent and now available to you.

✓ Based on neuroscience tasks
✓ 4 Assessment games
✓ Adaptive levels
✓ Science & expert based
✓ 6 years of research
✓ Desktop, laptop & tablet
✓ Browser-friendly
✓ 45 minutes

Collect the relevant data

During gaming, we collect 1100+ data points. A very rich source of performance information derived from the human brain. The data set reveals a unique brain profile of the gaming talents. Each (work) activity, sport and / or performance level demands specific requirements of the brain. This way you will see what naturally suits you best.
✓ 53 cognitive factors
✓ Relevant brain skills, such as:
– Speed of information processing – Speed of reaction – Overview – Accuracy – Anticipation – Mental flexibility – Attention skills – Control – Agility – Stress resilience… and more!

View and compare scores

Find the players with the brain you are looking for. Whether that is the next pro football player or that data analyst, software engineer, trader or management trainee of the future. More valid selection decisions, less hassle. Save time, reduce bias, make more lasting matches and make better talent decisions using the NeurOlympics platform. In sports, business, aviation, non-profit, government and healthcare. Schedule a demo today!

✓ Objective data
✓ 100% remote
✓ Online dashboard
✓ Low bias, data-driven & science-based