Brain-based Assessment Platform

What makes you smart? That’s what the NeurOlympics test games are about. They challenge your brain to the max. Resulting in lots of human performance data. Telling you what your strongest performance pillars are, by nature.

This is how you assess future potential

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The Neurolympics games: How it works..

Play the assessment games

Measuring relevant brain functions, that’s what the NeurOlympics is all about. The Neurolympics are developed by dedicated neuroscientists and professional game developers in accordance with the requirements of Olympic sports experts and leading companies worldwide. 100% remote, fair, transparent and now available to you.

✓ Based on neuroscience tasks
✓ 4 Assessment games
✓ Adaptive levels
✓ Science & expert based
✓ 6 years of research
✓ Desktop, laptop & tablet
✓ Browser-friendly
✓ 45 minutes

Collect the relevant data

During gaming, we collect 1100+ data points. A very rich source of performance information derived from the human brain. The data set reveals a unique brain profile of the gaming talents. Each (work) activity, sport and / or performance level demands specific requirements of the brain. This way you will see what naturally suits you best.
✓ 53 cognitive factors
✓ Relevant brain skills, such as:
– Speed of information processing – Speed of reaction – Overview – Accuracy – Anticipation – Mental flexibility – Attention skills – Control – Agility – Stress resilience… and more!

View and compare scores

Find the players with the brain you are looking for. Whether that is the next pro football player or that data analyst, software engineer, trader or management trainee of the future. More valid selection decisions, less hassle. Save time, reduce bias, make more lasting matches and make better talent decisions using the NeurOlympics platform. In sports, business, aviation, non-profit, government and healthcare. Schedule a demo today!

✓ Objective data
✓ 100% remote
✓ Online dashboard
✓ Low bias, data-driven & science-based