Brain Break 9: from multitasking to multifailing


Mike Keijser

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24 May 2019

Drop everything and focus only on the brain break of this week: from multitasking to multifailing.

Neuroscientists already know it.Our brains are not made for multitasking. In fact, you are constantly switching between your tasks. only a select group of people is effectively able to do this kind of high-level task switching

Multitasking: Less than 3% of the population can do it
Only 2 to 2.5% of the population has a brain that is wired to effectively switch between tasks at a high level. This rare group, unlike the other 97, is able to remain acurate, without the cost of speed speed, to spread its attention effectively across multiple types of information.

Go for MONO on the work floor?
Today’s tip therefore is: STOP multitasking. Take your time for each task and ask yourself how much that so-called multitasking will add value to your efficiency during the day. Don’t surrender to the hustle and bustle!

Start with MONO-tasking today and stop multifailing!