Brain break 7: The Superfit Brain


Eric Castien

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29 March 2019

Brain scans give insight into how the brain benefits from exercise in the long term

The link between sports and the physical states of the brain is rarely mentioned. Ask yourself, the main motive to dive into the gym is to get that body summerproof, Right? Fit in your swimsuit this summer to shine on the beach.  However, the brain also benefits from physical activity.

With a new study that was presented last week at the annual Cognitive Neuroscience Society (CNS) conference in San Francisco, Dr. Michelle Voss hopes to make society more aware of the importance of exercise for the functionality of the brain.

Intensive movement has an immediate positive effect on cognition and the connectivity between different brain areas. In addition, the long-term effects are even more widespread and a bit of exercise every day not only results in becoming more in shape physically, but regular physical exercise also ensures that your brain gets in top condition. This will keep you sharp and will give your long-term memory a huge boost!

So, get your running shoes out of the closet, and make sure your brain is in a top condition!
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