Brain Break 5: Listen and shiver


Eric Castien

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11 January 2019

Simply counteract unintentional deafness

Everyone knows the situation in which a partner or colleague does not listen. Every word that leaves your lips is received with consenting head movements, but it however always ends in: “Sorry, what did you say?”. Yet, many of these irritations can easily be avoided (or at least softened). Read it in the brain break this week: Listen and shiver

Brain research has shown that this “unintentional deafness” occurs when attention is paid to a visual search task. French researchers suspect that the brain capacity becomes full of information that we visually pick up, which makes the processing of sound stimuli harder and therefore remains unnoticed.

Make sure everyone is listening
Not only in 1 on 1 conversations unintentional deafness has many negative consequences. Even during meetings and presentations, an overload of visual stimuli can ensure that the story you tell does not arrive at the audience. Therefore, always keep your visual support at a minimum and make sure you have the full attention from minute one.

Only you can counteract accidental deafness. Make sure people listen and especially that they shiver.

Read more? Click here for the link to the research