Brain Break 3: Mindfulness Meditating


Eric Castien

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14 December 2018

Start your weekend relaxed.

Use that last bit of attention to the brain-break this week: Mindfulness meditating.

Mindfulness meditating is one of the hot topics in recent years, but what does it do with our brains? Is it just another unsubstantiated hype, or is it really effective? Scientists at Texas Tech University were looking for the answer.

One session already increases attention.
This study shows that mindfulness meditating does indeed have positive effects on our brain. One meditation session already results in more brain activity in the anterior parts of the brain. These brain areas are especially important for functions such as attention, emotion regulation and inhibition, and control of behavior. In addition, it also results in less stress in the long term, which is good for our immune system and for productivity on the work floor.

Scientist Gaelle Desbordes of Harvard University is currently trying to show that mindfulness meditation is also of tremendous value in the fight against depressions (See here the link to her recent findings and video).

So start today with this Course Mindfulness Meditation and in 10 minutes you will have enough attention again for the next brain-break.