A glimpse into the brain of the Online marketer


Eric Castien

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28 June 2019

The online marketer. A hard-to-catch prey on the job market. If you have one, it’s always a question whether you have catched a disguised consultant, sales manager or another different type, or that you can really speak of an online marketing nature talent. However, it is possible to build more certainty in your selection process by substantiateing your choices with objective selection criteria. In this blog you’ll read how. To lift a tip of the veil, the answer is to be found in the brain.

7x more vacancies than online marketers
For people who work in the marketing world, the shortage of online marketers in the labour market is no secret. The job platform Intermediar states that there are 7x as many vacancies as that online marketers are available. In addition, the most common MBO, HBO, and WO training courses are very close to the requirements of the practice. Often a lot of time and resources have to be invested in starters on the job market and it is very important for the more experienced candidates to keep their knowledge and skills up to date. As an organisation, you also want to do everything to find, recognize and attract the best candidates.

How to find the naturally best online marketers
But how do you find out which candidate is the best online marketer or has the most potential to become a good online marketer? Regular personality tests appear to have little predictive value. CV’s are too vague and unreliable and the classic IQ test is again too general (IQ actually says little about one’s true qualities). The answer? That is to be found in the brain. Research shows that a good online marketer must have a very specific package of brain qualities. If you naturally possess the brain qualities for the function, chances are many times greater that you will flourish in your work. This best matching set of brain skills in combination with the best matching CV’s and structured interviews can also make sure you can add the most promising online marketers to your team!

The brain of the online marketeer
Online Marketing is a specialty in itself. Research among over 100 online marketeers has shown that the brain of a good online marketer is very special. The brain of a successful online marketer is particularly distinguished by the naturally present outstanding attention and control skills. Quickly and effectively move attention and easily switch between different tasks go withouth a hitch for a successful online marketer.

Enlarge your talent pool, find a-typical talent and get promising starters in your crosshairs
Besides that with insights in the brain you can identify the natural talents in your existing talent pool, you can also enlarge your pools. By looking further into other pools, some at first sight a-typical talents can also be identified as promising. The CV and the background may not fully match what you are looking for, but these candidates may have the potential to become an excellent online marketer. In addition, you get even more insight into one of the most difficult to evaluate target groups, namely the starters. When hiring a recently graduate for your job or traineeship it often remains the question whether the candidate really fits the job and if the candidate really can handle the future work. With the help of BrainsFirst you can be sure that the person has the brain qualities to become a topper!

Neurolympics: A peek under the hood
BrainsFirst Since 2012 has extensive experience with the reliable measurement of brain functions to predict the match between job and brain. The scientifically substantiated Brain-based Assessment Games of BrainsFirst allow you to measure different brain skills. These include attention, control, working memory, stress resistance, speed of thinking, anticipation and (mental) flexibility. These games provide a comprehensive overview of one’s unique brain skills, literally the biological ‘brain building blocks’ of a candidate. By matching this with the brain scores of best performing people in the field, you get an insight into whether your candidates naturally have the ability to become a successful online marketer.

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