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Brain-based talent management
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Looking for a future perspective on talent?

After 6 years of neuroscientific research, BrainsFirst has succeeded in providing insights into the natural source of human performance: the brain. Our mission is to improve talent management in a sustainable way by combining solid neuro-assessment games & hard data science. We don’t ask, nor offer space for making up. We measure. In this way, we enable you – just like organizations in elite sports, business and healthcare – to assess each talent fairly and factful. And to look for the right context to excel. Balancing brain & job.

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Use today’s tool to detect, develop & retain tomorrow’s winners

The BrainsFirst talent management platform is the result of 6 years of solid neuroscientific research.
We enable you to use the biological building blocks of human performance in order to manage your talent future-proof.

More predictive.

What counts is whether a talent will flourish specifically in your work environment. Our data shows what makes someone smart and whether this is what makes it work for both of you.


We provide simple metrics real-time. Based on data helping you to compile the right shortlist of candidates. Or empowering you to interview, onboard or develop great talents.

More inclusive.

Bias-free and objective, that’s what you need to select for what you’re looking for rather than what you already have. This increases both diversity, work culture and returns.

And above all: better.

Our valid, biological data leaves no room for noise, prejudices, fake answers & gray areas. Do justice to every talent and improve your talent management by leaps and bounds.