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    We Predict Elite Performance. More reliable than ever.

    Brain-based Assessment Games
    Better decisions & less hassle

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    We Predict Elite Performance. More reliable than ever.

    Brain-based Assessment Games
    Better decisions & less hassle

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"BrainsFirst approach is an interesting way to get in touch with top talents we wouldn't reach with our traditional recruitment. "

Stefaan Rodts, Director of staff and professional development at McKinsey & Company

100% Bias-free

We believe assessing human potential should be as honest as assessing can be. Without bias. Gender, language & ethnic neutral.  Based on biological components. In the expert hiring process there is no space for subjective opinions or methods which can be fooled. We believe in nothing but the truth regarding assessment.

Serious Games

We invite your candidates to play evidence based, neuroscientific games. The real assessment stuff. Staircased, and designed to create a nice candidate experience. Not for fun. Just like you, we are serious about your hiring. Play the games at www.neurolympics.nl


By collecting thousands of game data points we are able to create unique cognitive profiles. Thanks to rock solid machine learning. BrainsFirst’s vast database enables you to match your candidates with specific benchmark profiles. Games, set, match!

Adding latest Neuroscience to Human Intuition: efficient and scalable

Especially in this age of 24/7 information flows & fast changing technologies, job environments are increasingly demanding. To measure the important building blocks of today's potential you need to use the possibilities of tomorrow.

Enter the NeurOlympics: our Cognitive Test based on cutting-edge neuroscience and best practices in sports & business.

Accurate, reliable & scientifically sound.

Why HR professionals trust BrainsFirst
Better Decisions

Our brain-based assessment games deliver fundamental performance predictors. The crystal-clear data offers a solid base for your decisions. Your hiring will be better and more valuable than ever.

Hidden Potential

Are you looking for very special, hard to find top talent? Not easy, right? We help you to pick the brains matching your company best. Forget CV, dig deeper together.

Save Costs

What if you can invest all your time in the most promising candidates only? Sounds like a fairytale? Stop dreaming, start  your hiring process 3.0 today.

<br><strong>BrainsFirst in business</strong>

BrainsFirst in business

BrainsFirst is serious about Intelligence in a fun way. Our validated Cognitive Assessment Test games help you to find the right candidates. More reliable and faster than regular Assessment methods do. Based on our proven scientific data models we can predict the future performance of people.

Be smart, BrainsFirst.

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<br><strong>Find the best cognitive fit for the job </strong>

Find the best cognitive fit for the job

As brain functions make the difference in human performance, it is a matter of finding the people with the right Cognitive Profile. 
BrainsFirst provides unique performance predicting insights based on the latest research in neuroscience & cognitive psychology. We help you to improve ROI on HR. Easy & Efficient.

Add our Assessment Test of Today to find your top Talents of Tomorrow

<br><strong>Game intelligence in Sports</strong>

Game intelligence in Sports

Elite players differentiate themselves from their co-sportsmen with Game Intelligence. Thanks to ongoing research and cooperation with international sports clubs & associations, BrainsFirst offers cutting-edge talent identification technology. Solid assessment of human potential starts with assessing the brain.

Do you invest your resources in the right top talents?



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<br><strong>Data-driven Talent Identification</strong><br>

Data-driven Talent Identification

Assess top talent with the brand new Neurolympics Assessment Test. The reliable, validated way to predict top performance by measuring someone's Brain Power. Where Data modeling meets neuroscience. Take your Hiring decisions to the next level.

More data, Less Hassle, Better Decisions. 


Industries that benefit from using Cognitive Assessment in HR

Strategic Consulting  |  IT & Security  |  Finance  |  Air Traffic Control   |  Professional Sports   |   Governments

Some of our business partners

Mc Kinsey
Flow Traders

Selected research partners


CASE - McKinsey & Company

BrainsFirst launches Brain-based Assessment
McKinsey Recruitment campaign Winter 2016/2017

In order to recruit the best top talents graduating in The Netherlands, Amsterdam based strategic consultancy firm McKinsey & Company has selected BrainsFirst to use its NeurOlympics assessment games. Students can showcase their brainpower while playing neuroscientific tasks. BrainsFirst matches "cognitive supply" with the cognitive demand set by McKinsey.

"BrainsFirst approach is an interesting way to get in touch with top talents we wouldn't reach with our traditional recruitment."  Stefaan Rodts, Director of staff and professional development at McKinsey & Company


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